CNMI Council on Developmental Disabilities

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Assistive Technologies:

In 1994, the CNMI Council on Developmental Disabilities was funded to develop, implement, and administer a Commonwealth wide program to meet Assistive technology needs of person with disabilities, which was known as STRAID (System of Technology-Related Assistive for Individuals with Disabilities). However, as a result of the new requirements of the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended, the program is now called the CNMI Assistive Technology Program, which is under the CNMI Council on Developmental Disabilities. The CNMI Assistive Technology Program has an Advisory Committee, which is comprised of individuals representing all ages, disabilities, CNMI-wide, who provides guidance with activity development.
The CNMI DDC Assistive Technologies program's mission is to provide and demonstrate how Assistive Technology can transform limitations into opportunities. We work toward this mission by providing access to Assistive Technology and related services that enable individuals with disabilities to achieve productivity, independence, and success according to their needs and interest. Our AT Center provides support and services to people of all ages and abilities throughout the CNMI. We work closely with Family Members, Teachers, Medical & Therapeutic Professionals, Schools, Businesses, Government Agencies and Vendors to better help them serve the needs of individuals with disabilities.

What is an Assistive Technology Service?

An Assistive technology service is "any service that directly assists a person with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an Assistive technology device."

What is an Assistive Technology Device?

"Any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functionally capabilities of individuals with disabilities."

CNMI Assistive Technology Program staff:
Program Coordinator:
Raymond D. Diaz

Project Director:
Pamela C. Sablan

P.O. Box 502565
Saipan, MP 96950
(670) 664-7003
(670) 664-7030 Fax
(670)664-7005 TTY
1310 Anatahan Drive Capitol Hill, Saipan

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Additional Resources:

Resource and Referral:
Not sure where to start? Let us put our research and expertise to work to help guide you to the resources you need. Information and catalogues are available on a wide variety of Assistive Technology products and services.

Device Reutilization Program:
The goal of the CNMI Assistive Technology Exchange is to help get Assistive Technology Devices that are no longer being used into the hands of people who need and can benefit from them. The program brings together CNMI consumers and families who are buyers and or sellers of AT together with the goal of increasing acquisition of AT.

Device Loan & Demonstration Program: Before you purchase Assistive Technology of any kind, try it out first. We can lend you what you are looking for to ensure that it is the right solution for your specific needs. Our Lending Library Inventory includes:

Other Resources Funding:
Trankilu Alternative Financing Program, (Assistive Technology Low Interest Loan Fund). Loans under the program are administered by a community base organization (CBO) and underwritten by Bank of Saipan. The Loan Program is available to qualified CNMI Residents with disability or a nonresident whose child with disability is a U.S. citizen, or family members, advocates, employers or authorized representative designated by an individual with disability, who intends to use the loan to purchase Assistive technology equipment or services to be used by the individual or child with disability. Applicants may apply at Bank of Saipan, branches in Saipan, Tinian or Rota.